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IFTA Fuel Tax Data Entry & Tax Reporting

FleetLegal Solutions offers the latest in IFTA fuel & mileage tax reporting with an expert staff and the most up to date knowledge of vehicle tax laws and trucking regulation requirements.


We calculate the proper taxes on time, accurately, and completely, ensuring that all the returns are completed and delivered to our clients well before the filing deadlines. We can even file the IFTA fuel & mileage tax returns directly to the state agencies on your behalf.


Detailed Management Reporting

FleetLegal Solutions provides accurate and informative reports on a monthly and/or quarterly basis detailing individual vehicle or fleet(s) operational taxes. Additional reporting ensures proper compliance and reduces overpayment of fees for fleet IRP licensing renewals, property tax filings, and other specialized permit applications like Alcohol, HazMat, or Oversize & Overweight.


Reclaim the Expense of Personnel Overhead

The expertise required for trucking regulatory compliance services can be costly and difficult to find. Customers of FleetLegal Solutions save on employee turnover and recruitment costs, fringe benefit expenses, and the high cost of absenteeism. In addition, by using FleetLegal Solutions, your business saves on high overtime costs while maintaining peak production effeciencies required to meet fuel tax reporting deadlines.


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