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Vehicle Registration & Permitting

Let the staff at FleetLegal Solutions handle all of your permit and licensing needs, whether it's a fleet addition, deletion or renewals.


By staying current with all the changes in state and federal trucking regulations, FleetLegal's vehicle registration and permitting service assures that your trucks are properly licensed and permitted in every state where they operate.


Here's What You Can Expect From Us:

Expedited processing of all IRP registrations, renewals and supplemental applications

Timely and accurate processing of IFTA fuel tax and mileage tax permit applications

Decreased administrative time and paperwork

Avoidance of fines, delays and the costs of temporary permits due to missed renewal dates

Time and money savings by transferring applicable plates from deleted vehicles

Timely renewal notices provided 60 days in advance of due date give you ample time to complete required paperwork

Itemized monthly billing