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Interstate and Intrastate Authority Filing

FleetLegal Solutions provides a full-service interstate authority application filing service for the low price of $525 for one operating authority (formerly known as ICC Authority). Each additional interstate authority requested at the same time is only an additional $380, which includes the additional process agent filing and interstate authority application fee required by the FMCSA.


Many States require a motor carrier to obtain an intrastate authority before providing point to point operations within a particular jurisdiction. FleetLegal Solutions can help guide you through the process and ensure a timely and accurate filing.

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IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting & Data Entry

FleetLegal Solutions offers the latest in fuel and mileage tax reporting with an expert staff and the most up to date knowledge of vehicle tax laws and regulation requirements.

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IRP Licensing / Permitting

Staying on top of the ever-changing state and federal rules and regulations is a formidible task. It's information, information, information. It's knowing how to do it legally or where to go to find out how. Information... it's what we know. Let FleetLegal Solutions help you with IRP licensing, IFTA fuel tax permitting and mileage tax permits.

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Driver Log Auditing

Any driver can make the DOT's hours of service work on paper, even when they are out of compliance. Why risk the Penalties? Don't look the other way, call us.

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Audit Representation & Consulting Services

FleetLegal Solutions can provide a wide range of regulatory consulting to your company.

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HVUT form 2290 is an online service of FleetLegal Solutions. As an authorized reseller for, FleetLegal Solutions can now provide our clients with an IRS-certified electronic form 2290 filing service.

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